Pirates Town is a dinner theater & entertainment complex located one block from the world-famous International Drive at 6400 Carrier Drive in Orlando, Florida. Pirate’s Town is the home of four dinner shows: Pirates Dinner Adventure, Treasure Tavern Fine Dining & Show, The Three Musketeers: Voyage Home and our most recent addition The Cirque Magique Dinner Show. Our marketing and sales team joined together to start Pirate’s Town Community in 2015 reaching out to national and local organizations to help shape a better world.

Our goal is to support and grow with the organizations we help each year in our community, by raising awareness and donations around Central Florida.



Pirates Town Community is an entertainment group that believes in supporting our community through an ongoing fundraising commitment to select charities in the Central Florida area.


Support charities by brining the “fun factor” to make their events unique, entertaining and more profitable by increasing the fun, support, and maximizing fundraising efforts.


To support area charities in their fundraising efforts by providing an entertainment partner to their events.


To create a community of goodwill amongst the hospitality industry that will provide support and assist then in their fundraising goals.


Who we Support


What’s New?

Special Offers

* Bring in any one of the following items PER ADMISSION. All items will be collected at the box office upon arrival:

  • 1 Package of Lined Paper

  • 1 Spiral Note Book

  • Package of 12 pencils

  • Package of colored pencils

  • 1 Package of Crayons

  • 1 Package of Glue Sticks

**All items must be new and unopened. To receive this special discounted rate you have agreed to donate school supplies. Full gate price will be charge to any guest forgetting their donated items.


*Offer subject to change at any time. Special Rates, not valid with any other offer or discount. Valid for show performances 07/01/2017 through 07/31/2017. Taxes and handling fees will be added at checkout. Not valid for groups of 14 or more. Not valid for prior purchases. Gratuity payable at the table. Full gate price will be charged at the window to any guest with no donated school supplies. Other restrictions may apply.



Christopher Ledoux – Graphic Designer 

As the Design and Marketing Coordinator of Pirate’s Town Community, it is my job to help make things happen. It is important that when we plan to do events, or run a special promotion to help raise money for an organization, that I prepare the artwork in both print and digital media. It’s important to have the proper communication and right look and feel to whatever it is I’m creating to provide to clients and customers. I would say I’m more of a “ behind the scenes” kind of guy when it comes to creating assets for promotions or things to handout at any of our events we participate in. It’s not the most important job, but it’s still important when being part of a team to help our community for a greater cause.




Tony Cardoso – Vice President & General Manager 

Why it is Better to Give than Receive? “The old adage “it is better to give than to receive” is often taught to children. This is to teach them the value of sharing and to make them aware that a gift is only as good as the thought behind it. However, it is not only the kids who can learn something from it. From time to time, adults forget just how the simple act of sharing can change someone’s life for the better. Giving a leather wristlet or personalized retirement gifts only needs a little effort but would mean the world to the one receiving it. In today’s extreme materialist society, the value of the old saying seems to have lost its grip on so many people. Fortunately, there are still those who practice giving without expecting something in return”. This is the reason we started Pirates Town Community, because we feel there are a lot of people in world have the this type a feeling inside their hearts. With us they can use the FUN and Bless others around them. 


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